Happy Holidays!!

Sorry! Life has gotten in the way! And well, eating out got much easier! But, after a long discussion, the ChemE and I decided that we would challenge each other. We won’t eat out for a month. Yes, a whole month. So far, so good. We did go out for Christmas Eve, and that is only because it is a long standing tradition. But, that means I’m back to cooking. However, this last couple of weeks, we’ve had ham, or turkey.




I’m a little tired of ham, and turkey.


Okay, I’m really tired of ham and turkey.


With that being said, I’ve got a ton of cookbooks to go through and many great recipes to find!! So, between my photography business, the blog to go with that, and this food blog, I’m going to be pretty busy in 2o13!!


Until then, enjoy the rest of the holiday season! I’ll be back here in 2013 to entertain you with lots of great recipes!!